Wednesday, November 26, 2008

oh happy day!

I have no idea if I can actually keep this up but I am inspired. I am currently training for my first marathon and am flying mostly solo. This has been a battle for me, keeping myself motivated and keeping my spirits up. There have been quite a few adventures so far, mostly moose...
Last week was a killer for me. As my boyfriend stated to a buddy "let's just say she has run more in this last month than she probably ever has in her life"... With more miles logged comes some mental stress- at least for me..
I was a mess two weeks ago- quick to beat myself up over how slow I felt. Then it happened- the thing you are looking for out there on the lonely trails- a dog appeared from no where and ran with me for a mile :) he made my day! I shooed him home out of fear he would get lost, that and my Yorkies would have torn him into pieces :) Earlier in the week I had to run inside which meant countless laps on the indoor track and a young boy decided to race me over and over again. The crowd had been watching their children play soccer and switched to a 4 year old kicking a 30somethings butt repeatedly. It was adorable and I felt like maybe I was giving some inspiration to a new runner... The most painful run came on Sunday with 17 miles in a snow storm. I decided to head south for a new trail and was adopted by 2 very nice ladies that took pity on my. They were exactly what I needed! My ipod wasn't working and 17 miles without any music in the silence of the snow was not what I truly wanted! They led me for the 5 and then like a mom sending her child off to school for the first time, they scooted me on my way to finish the remainder 9 miles solo. It was silent (no music) but I had time to reflect on my week and realize no matter how hard running is for me I am so very grateful for my family, my health, and my life... With that- I actually ended a week of running on a positive note!!!
Sorry I don't have anything brilliant to say, but Happy Thanksgiving~ I hope you find the thing that inspires you!