Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome back!!!

Well hello friends!!! I guess you can say I keep a journal about as sporadically as i do a blog :) I have lots of notebooks with the first 5 pages full of all kinds of ideas! The worst part, I love buying notebooks~ what's that about???

The first quarter of school has flown by and the snow is on the ground!! Yeah, almost time for skiing... Jason and I went on our month long trip and had an absolute blast! I got to do a triathlon out of state which went much better then I thought it would, considering 7,500' in elevation! Hardest swim of my life!!! I took first for my age group and 8th overall. I was actually in 6th out of the lake, 2nd at the bike turn around, but then came the run :) I will say it was a great experience and not too bad after spending a few days in Vegas before hand!! Other then that I am pretty happy with my season, after a horrid Gold Nugget, I dropped 6 minutes at Eagle river- still can't figure out where that came from. The final times for the Big lake tri were messed up but by my watch I think i Pr'd by a couple minutes. I really wanted to do the Alaska State tri, but that was the morning that we flew back to Alaska so I decided to skip it and get some sleep.

So I am still swimming with the master's team in the a.m. and loving it! I sure missed swimming all those years :) I am trying to continue biking, and of course my running has slacked since the xc running season ended... I am attempting to run at least a few times a week, but have found I am easily distracted :) we shall see! I guess the question is - how bad do you want it??? Swimming with Shannon D. & Shannon T. in the a.m. intimidates me, it also inspires me to be more driven. Great work ethic!!!

Well, gotta get some stuff done. Again, I will try to be consistent not only in running but my blog :) Happy Wednesday!!!