Tuesday, May 11, 2010

short and sweet

well, i am yet again late at writing in my blog! 2 weeks left of school and my first summer break without teaching summer school! I am excited, but uncertain at the same time... This is the first year i have taken off from Track and Summer school in 6 years. I definitely think that this will be a much needed break and am looking forward to some me time :) Hopefully i have enough endurance in me to make it though the summer training and enjoying some of the local races. Seems like I make it to the big lake tri and lose all momentum... First triathlon of the season is this Sunday and i am praying I can get through this allergy issue, or whatever it is. I think back to a month ago when training was going awesome and I felt so strong- i am a bit concerned but i guess that is normal. Every year it is the same story, i just need to tell myself I am strong. I need a good mantra!!!
Well, gotta work! ciao