Tuesday, February 24, 2009

count down to spring break!

Not that I am going anywhere but I cannot wait for a week to have a flexible schedule!

Last week ended on a great note~ I completed the rest of my goal training for the week so now it just needs to become routine. So far in the last two days I have been going along as planned. Every time I want to sleep in I keep reminding myself to just get it done. Next think I know I am finished with the workout and ready to begin my day!

Now I just have to remember all of this throughout the year! I hate that when summer starts my training goes on the back burner. This should be routine, not forced! I just do so much of my training solo that there really isn't anyone to hold me accountable those three months of summer vacation. I have gotten a bit better over the last couple of years but I am still not working as long as I would like! My goal is that there be a smooth transition from off season training to base training- I don't want to be a total mess when I start up each fall!!

Well, it is time to get my day going! Keep on moving :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

tired, tired, tired.....

Well, I am slow to write! Apparently my blog is a work in progress as well! :)

All is good here, just so very tired. I started getting things into gear for triathlon in the last 3 weeks and am finally getting a routine again. But as soon as I wake up in the morning - I hear that voice "I'm so tired"... This is the first week I have kept that voice at a distance and just kept moving along. As of right now I am fearing the couch- I have to run still at 5 tonight and know I will pass out when I walk into my house!!!

So, with that, I got a running coach for this season and am doing the rest solo. I miss my triathlon team but know that this is what will be best for me and my personal life. I tell you, it is hard to get up to ride alone at 5a.m.!!!

Oh, I met a lady who is training to run 350 miles of the Iditarod trail next month! OMG! Now I know I cannot be worried about being tired :)

So far this week:
2hrs biking
2 hrs swimming
2.5 hrs running
2 hrs lifting
30 min cross train

and 3 more days of training for the week.... wish me luck! :) Ciao!

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's all about the bike!!!

Yeah! My bike is fit and I am ready to roll!!! I have a date with her at 5a.m. tomorrow. I cannot wait!!!!! This will make 5a.m. seem like a reward :) haha!