Thursday, March 26, 2009

Did I jinx Lance?

wow- I guess it's been a while! Spring is flying by and another track season is upon us... Now we just need the snow to melt and Mt.Redoubt to keep from dumping ash on us!

Training is going well. Just wiped out in the a.m. so sometimes I try to skip swimming.... The bike is going well- but I definitely need a new seat!!! OUCH! Sitting on the tri bike is totally different than my old bike.

I am enjoying the challenging track workouts as well and feel like my form has improved immensely! I cannot believe I ran a whole marathon with my old lean back style of running! Now I can finally feel that it is almost uncomfortable to run at the cruise control speed I used to. I sure hope I am getting faster! Now I just have to get those other run days in...

I am a little bummed at the changes with the triathlon season this year. The GNT course was moved to the ER course which is fine but the swim is a 300 :( and it sounds like they are making it some kind of snake swim? Last night I got an email stating that the ER tri date was cancelled because the pool will be closed! Um, I'm sorry but aren't these triathlons making money for the pools? And weren't they just talking about closing pools just last year? Seriously, how many years have they been doing these races at these facilities??? Did someone truly forget that there was going to be a triathlon at some point in the year?

So what if Redoubt blows? I guess this year will have to be chalked up to a training one!!!

On the bright side of it all- at least I am training. On top of that, maybe I will actually train all the way to State :) Oh, a plus--- there is going to be a triathlon in my hometown this year!!! YEAH!!!!!