Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Drool...

Finally a day to lay around and relax! I am flat out exhausted with being sick and getting through my kids finals! I slept all day & am wondering when am I ever going to get over this stupid cold??? I could survive a stuffy nose, but this chest congestion is kicking my butt! I have been getting more and more down feeling like my illness is laziness. My mileage has dropped in the last two weeks and I really need to stop freaking out about whether or not I have trained enough! Part of me just wants to say "who cares" and just run anyway! Then 5 miles into my run on Saturday I felt like death! I came home and told Jason "I really need something to motivate me!"

Well, an early Christmas unveiled the motivation I have been seeking for the last two years!
I know it isn't for running, but the bike of my dreams wheeled itself into my life yesterday! That's right- a Cervello P2!!!!!! It is mine! I actually cried! When my nephew asked "why did you cry" I explained "that bike costs more than my car I drove in college!"... What a generous gift- I cannot say thank you enough!

So now, as I sit coughing on my couch I realize that maybe I will get close to my goal marathon pace in 4 weeks- maybe I won't. But- I will bust my A$$ this tri season because I want to be fast! :)

Merry Christmas- I hope you get the gifts you have been wishing for forever!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

brrrrr! it's cold out there!

Well, it has been a crazy rush to the end of the semester and I just realized I am down to 5 weeks of training. I find myself wondering why I didn't start a running program much sooner in life! Don't get me wrong, I have had my ups and downs but physically my body has not fallen apart as I assumed it would!!! For once, I followed the simple rule of progression- DUH! You would think by now I would practice what I preach!

It has been freezing cold, but I have loved the running outside. As stupid as it is, I love to take pictures of where I run. Something to look back on I guess. When I decided to start triathlons and running in general (about 4-5 years ago) I was in Hawaii. I hadn't brought any good running gear. I had shox tennis shoes to walk in and some cotton shorts for the beach. I was hanging out and realized I was bored with my life! It wasn't my friends or family, I was bored that I had no challenges... I was finishing my master's and just couldn't figure out what was next. I spent my whole life training and realized I was settling for a life of a couch potato! So, I got up early and went for a 30 min. run. It was painful!!! I thought I would die! But every morning I got up and ran. One day Jason and my brother in law even joined me!! The last day I ran, I took my camera and photographed a few of my favorite spots. I know one day I will run that course again and appreciate all of the hard work I have put in :)

So, as silly as my pictures are to some of you- I guess they are another bar on my Letterman's jacket, or another medal on my wall :)

Once I kick this cold! 5 more weeks and a picture from my first Marathon!!!!! Hopefully I am smiling :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

it's the little things...

Well, 18 miles down today! I have been nervous for a few days as to whether or not I was going to do this run. I woke up and was told it was raining and miserable. Then I thought back to a conversation I had with Ritchie about the ice- ICE BUGS!!! I have been in pain from slipping in the soft snow but Ice- ICE!!! YEAH, my prayers were answered. So, after a breakfast of toast with my brother and sister-in-law at Ihop :) I dusted off my rain coat, found my camelback, and drove out to my other sister-in-law's house to trek a new route in Anchorage. Thanks JC for the advice, nice and flat....
I got quite a few crazy looks from passer bys today as I slogged through the rain and fog. I was also on high alert, listening for cars that might be sliding in the ditch towards me. All was well, I actually wound up getting near Little Campbell lake and guessed that was probably half way. Oh, in the distraction this a.m. I forgot my watch so I just went by time... Thank goodness for my iphone!
In all my crazy travels, I am learning quite a bit. I have learned that just when I think I cannot go on something happens to make it right. I run into a new person that greets me on my path, I get a honk from a familiar friend, etc. Anyway you put it, this training has been fun in a lot of ways.... I realize that last week was a tough one for me and I was a bit inconsistent. In my inconsistency, I realized I missed the run! Maybe it isn't too late for me to become a "runner" :)

So, the message I am passing on to you~ when you are on your path, look up and smile at the person traveling in the opposite direction, say hello! You never know, it might be me needing a boost to keep on keepin' on!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ok, I survived the evening after all. The remedy? I got up at 4:45 this a.m. and ran!!! I don't want to sound obsessive but 6 1/2 weeks really isn't that far away- no matter what anyone says! So, I struggled on my least favorite machine- the treadmill- but I pulled through!! I even thought "wow, I feel so great maybe I should come back again tonight and run some more" haha! I know that thought will change after a 6 hour Jr.High volleyball tournament! So, being practical I will wait and run tomorrow after practice... I know I can do this- it is just so darn easy not too!
Nothing much exciting on the news front other than that... It's almost Friday!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

oh no!

Well, it is a 3rd day "off" of running and I am a total loser. I need a shot of motivation badly! Sunday's day off was legit, the cramps in my calves were horrible and I just couldn't do much with them. Monday was the typical day off in the week so what is my excuse? Well, let's see, Tuesday was a volleyball tournament which lasted until 7:30p.m. Today??? I did the elliptical for 45 min. this a.m. Does that count? I tell myself yes but I am sitting here contemplating a quick trip to the gym for a short run... I feel obsessive but lazy at the same time. My calves are fine. Totally no excuse for this one! I know today's run was supposed to be short but the ton of crap I have eaten in the last week are pulling me into this greasy black hole! 
Wow~ How depressing was that??? 
I guess on a positive note Volleyball is over this Friday and I can run after work which is what I really need! I hate running inside and it is too dark at 5p.m. Plus the hunger factor is a bit of an issue at that time of evening... I keep promising myself "next week the diet starts" and "next week I will get a more solid routine"... I better kick myself in the butt!
Only 6 1/2 weeks until the race!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I need a snow day!!!

Well, I have the Thanksgiving blues today.... I was wishing for a snow day, c'mon you know you were too! Now we are on the count down to Christmas vacation~ I am having a hard time believing we will be introducing 2009 before too long!

Not much exciting on the training front here. I experienced some pain I have never experienced before~ the worst cramps in my calves EVER! They won't go away which pretty much made Saturday and Sunday impossible to run! They were so tight that I couldn't even rub them out with the roller!

I guess the plus side was that I decided to Ski on Saturday instead. One of Jason's friends told him that skiing would be a great cross training activity to running 5 days per week. I decided since the snow didn't look like it would stop I would give it a go. My calves didn't bother me and to be quite truthful, It was awesome! You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day! It brought me back to all of those ski expeditions I used to take with my uncles. Of course that was back country but it was always so much fun! So Saturday was great, I skied the Hilltop loop two times, had quite a few people pass me, but overall I felt like I was totally alone... I did see one beautiful Bull Moose, tried to get my camera out but he was shy and left.

Sunday was a Christmas decorating day and I decided that for one day in the last I don't know how many of training I would hang at home. I found this very hard to enjoy, lots of guilt, but I forced myself into relaxing instead. Finished a book, decorated, and chilled with Jason and the dogs...

So, today is a new day. Reality has sank in! I will try to run again today, hopefully it is not as painful as last week!!! Happy December 2008...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

oh happy day!

I have no idea if I can actually keep this up but I am inspired. I am currently training for my first marathon and am flying mostly solo. This has been a battle for me, keeping myself motivated and keeping my spirits up. There have been quite a few adventures so far, mostly moose...
Last week was a killer for me. As my boyfriend stated to a buddy "let's just say she has run more in this last month than she probably ever has in her life"... With more miles logged comes some mental stress- at least for me..
I was a mess two weeks ago- quick to beat myself up over how slow I felt. Then it happened- the thing you are looking for out there on the lonely trails- a dog appeared from no where and ran with me for a mile :) he made my day! I shooed him home out of fear he would get lost, that and my Yorkies would have torn him into pieces :) Earlier in the week I had to run inside which meant countless laps on the indoor track and a young boy decided to race me over and over again. The crowd had been watching their children play soccer and switched to a 4 year old kicking a 30somethings butt repeatedly. It was adorable and I felt like maybe I was giving some inspiration to a new runner... The most painful run came on Sunday with 17 miles in a snow storm. I decided to head south for a new trail and was adopted by 2 very nice ladies that took pity on my. They were exactly what I needed! My ipod wasn't working and 17 miles without any music in the silence of the snow was not what I truly wanted! They led me for the 5 and then like a mom sending her child off to school for the first time, they scooted me on my way to finish the remainder 9 miles solo. It was silent (no music) but I had time to reflect on my week and realize no matter how hard running is for me I am so very grateful for my family, my health, and my life... With that- I actually ended a week of running on a positive note!!!
Sorry I don't have anything brilliant to say, but Happy Thanksgiving~ I hope you find the thing that inspires you!