Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bad news :(

well, the bad news is in. The Eagle River Triathlon has been moved to August 23rd! I am so bummed! It is by far my favorite event and I always feel like the Gold Nugget tri helps me get things in gear for ER!!! I guess I need to re-evaluate and strategize a new plan for the season...
I guess my first concern is whether or not I can actually make myself train until the end of August! We will see...
Training has been going pretty good. Had a few days off from intervals on the track so I am worried about not working hard enough. Other than that, trying to remember to push myself at my workouts instead of just getting through them.
Not much else exciting here. Hoping that Mt.Redoubt doesn't keep this mess up all summer or it will put a kibosh on visiting family, fishing, and training! That sounds like a recipe for a trip out of state! But then again, you might not get back :)
Happy Sunny month of April! I can't wait to get my bike on the road- MELT!!!!!