Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome back!!!

Well hello friends!!! I guess you can say I keep a journal about as sporadically as i do a blog :) I have lots of notebooks with the first 5 pages full of all kinds of ideas! The worst part, I love buying notebooks~ what's that about???

The first quarter of school has flown by and the snow is on the ground!! Yeah, almost time for skiing... Jason and I went on our month long trip and had an absolute blast! I got to do a triathlon out of state which went much better then I thought it would, considering 7,500' in elevation! Hardest swim of my life!!! I took first for my age group and 8th overall. I was actually in 6th out of the lake, 2nd at the bike turn around, but then came the run :) I will say it was a great experience and not too bad after spending a few days in Vegas before hand!! Other then that I am pretty happy with my season, after a horrid Gold Nugget, I dropped 6 minutes at Eagle river- still can't figure out where that came from. The final times for the Big lake tri were messed up but by my watch I think i Pr'd by a couple minutes. I really wanted to do the Alaska State tri, but that was the morning that we flew back to Alaska so I decided to skip it and get some sleep.

So I am still swimming with the master's team in the a.m. and loving it! I sure missed swimming all those years :) I am trying to continue biking, and of course my running has slacked since the xc running season ended... I am attempting to run at least a few times a week, but have found I am easily distracted :) we shall see! I guess the question is - how bad do you want it??? Swimming with Shannon D. & Shannon T. in the a.m. intimidates me, it also inspires me to be more driven. Great work ethic!!!

Well, gotta get some stuff done. Again, I will try to be consistent not only in running but my blog :) Happy Wednesday!!!

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Jason M. Ross said...

Your awesome. Keep up the good work. Sounds Like you have had a lot of fun lately. Your one of the reasons I decided to get back into the gym myself. You doing all this has motivated me to doing the same thing that I wish I would have done a long time ago. Boy time sure flies. It seems like just yesterday we were all still in high school and dreading Mr. Birds class but wishing we were in the gym or weight room. I remember the sports I played in school a lot more than the classes I took. Keep up the good work.